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A Destination Wedding in Maui

The big event of 2009 for our family was the marriage of our daughter Robyn to Mr. William (Bill) Platt in early December.  The young couple tied the knot in an intimate and beautiful ceremony held on a Maui hillside near sunset, overlooking the ocean and the island of Lanai.  A destination wedding attended by the couple's closest friends was the fulfillment of a dream that Robyn has held since she was a young girl.  Almost half the people there had come all the way from the East Coast.  We were truly humbled by the sacrifice in time people made to travel such distances, and at great expense to share this experience.  We will be forever grateful for their presence at this event. 

On their own and without a wedding coordinator, Robyn and Bill did a magnificent job in planning and scheduling every aspect of a wedding to occur thousands of miles away.  In the days leading up to the wedding and reception, there were entertainment, activities, and transportation set up for the guests.  A grand party and large scale buffet was hosted by the groom's family at a large house on the beach the night before the wedding.  The picturesque wedding venue was at a location called Seawatch right off of a golf course in Wailea.  The reception after the ceremony was held close by at Wolfgang Puck's Spago restaurant at the Four Seasons Hotel.  You will just have to believe me when I say that everything was perfect.  The couple wisely decided to eschew the traditional wedding cake--normally an exercise in mediocrity and questionable choice--and went with Spago's signature dessert, lava cake.  It was so good that I heard a lot of "Oh my God"s.  I think some people were actually crying.

The dancing started out in a sedate and sophisticated manner until Robyn's great friend Charles Rowe infused the room with his outgoing personality and turned things into an infectious "happening" that got everybody involved and having fun.  Usually, a lot of people retire from a wedding reception after a couple of dances, dessert, and the toasts, leaving the dance floor to the younger set.  I dare say we ended the evening pretty much with the entire group intact.  It was a lot of fun if I say so myself.

The newly wed couple honeymooned on the island of Kauai where they had a sumptuous stay at the newly opened St. Regis Hotel in Princeville.  While on the island they had some wonderful adventures.  First they took a helicopter tour of the island.  Then they had a fabulous time on a ziplining excursion--a surprise wedding gift from friends who recently discovered the thrill of ziplining themselves. 

Pictures from the wedding may be see in Wedding Photos.


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