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Reunion Photo Chart [Once opened, click again to expand to 100% size for readability]

Judy (Shelly) Wallin, Dr. Charles Jackson, and Delores (Templet) Shilling, Johnny Morgan in background

Helen Sadler, Ron Brown, Wendy Morgan

Janet and I are standing in front of poster for a missing child.

Danny Heaton (far left), Wendy Morgan, Charles Jackson, Gene Hembree (back), Johnny Morgan (seated), Glenda & James Harrell

Dr. Charles Jackson re-signs Ann (Jones) Meyer's yearbook, because his signature was prematurely illegible back in 1960.

From the front side, Johnny Morgan, Glenda & James Harrell, Gene Hembree

Dr. Jackson manages to wet his pants in a nautical faux pas. Having had his mettle tested, he awaits enrobed for the return of dry pants.

Frankie Degola and his partner Gloria Phelan are dressed to the nines for the occasion.

Ray Moore and his wife Mildred seated at the same table as Frankie Degola, take a more relaxed sartorial approach to the evening.

Jerry Ann (Meyers) Hughes, Donna (White) Gallemore, and Margie Williams proved to be as vivacious and warm as ever.

Ann (Rutledge) Potter and her partner Bennie (?)

Patricia (Jones) Williams and hubby Larry

Ann (Rutledge) Potter, Patricia (Jones) & Larry Williams, Pat (Kimes) Barrett

George & Delores Ross, Tim Poole, (??), Buddy and Carolyn Conant

Wayne Navarro and his wife, Phyllis (Knight) DeVore on the right

Harlon Pickens, Kathleen (Futrell) Mickelson, Larry Mickelson

Leta and Billy M. Kavanaugh (Billy and I were roommates our freshman year at the Univ. of Texas)

Treva (Mullins) McCracken, Del Mar McCracken, Robert (Horn) Wolcott

Roberta (Horn) Wolcott, Linda (Sutton) Hutsen

The very youthful Jack Titlow and his elegant wife Virginia (Buchanan) Titlow

Virginia Titlow on the left and Dr. and Mrs. Charles Rudd

Bob and Charlotte (Woodruff) Bobbitt (I apologize for catching Charlotte with a mouthful)

Dr. Mel Moy and His Honor Judge Herbert Gee (only his hairdresser knows for sure).

50th Dan and Bren...What a lovely young couple

50th Reunion Celebration...Dan & Bren

Ahh, wonderful weekend!

All was 'thumbs up'

Ann Jone's hubby, Richard Meyer, Bren & Judy

Bren & Sue Sanford Weaver Welch

Bren before Friday event at Double Tree

Dan & Bren suite after Fri. evening

Dan & Brenda married 45 years. And they said it wouldn't last.

Dan's prayer begins breakfast

Delmar McCracken

Enjoying fellowship

Glenn Messer

Gloria Phillips Eddy and Carol Robuck Hauser

Helen & Dr. Tim Sadler, Barbara Gerland James & her guest Jim

It's Saturday Night Live..dancers

Jimmy Richardson & wife, Sat. nite

Jon & Mary Ferguson Loring

Judy's laminated Tiger placemat

Larry Mickelson and Brenda Morris Heaton

Linda, James, Brenda, Ann, and Dan on Friday evening

Linda, James, Susan, Brenda, and Ann on Friday evening

Lining up for breakfast

Mary & Ron's In Memory Tree

Brenda caught me unaware.

Prayer Breakfast ready for

Sunday Prayer Breakfast

The King Reliving Event in Aegis

Leta & Billy Kavanaugh, Treva (Mullins) & Delmar McCracken, Roberta (Horn) Wolcott, Linda (Sutton) Hutsen

Wendy & Johnny Morgan, Ray Moore

Judy (George) & Wayne Rogers, Margie Williams, Donna (White) Gallemore, Jerry Ann (Meyer) Hughes, ?? [back]

Jack & Virginia (Buchanan) Titlow, Priscilla & Dr. Charles Rudd, Bob & Charlotte (Woodruff) Bobbitt

Patricia (Jones) & Larry Williams, Patricia (Kimes) & David Barrett

George & Delores Ross, Tim Poole, ??, Buddy & Carolyn Conant

Joyce & Wayne Navarro, George Etta & Harlon Pickett, Kathleen (Futrell) & Larry Mickelson

Kathleen (Futrell) & Larry Mickelson

Milton & Vertie Eppoleto, Kenneth & Joanne (Carr) Coberley, Hugh Friedl

Dennis & Marie (Swonke) Lawry, Jeanette (Williams) & William Wagner

Bonnie Ruth & J.T. McGee, Joy (Thomas) & Louis Pevateaux, Jean (Humber) McGee

Linda (Waller) & James Drake, Mary (Ferguson) & Jon Loring, Demaree & Gena Jones, Don & Wanda (Phillips) [back] Nickell

Gloria (Phillips) Eddy (back), Pam (Young) Runnels, Brenda Kay (Nelson) & Paul Ezell , James & Joyce (Mullins) Kilpatrick

Carol (Robuck) Hauser lent her grace, charm, and great effort to the Reunion Committee.

Tim and Helen Sadler drove a ton of miles & worked tirelessly for days to put the Reunion together.

James and Linda (Waller) Drake spearheaded the Reunion and assembled the committee.

Demaree Jones

Mary (Ferguson) Loring, Dorothy (Conway) Dupree, Linda (Waller) Drake, Judy (Slaughter) Thigpen, Wanda (Phillips) Nickell

Delores (Templet) Schilling, Ann (Jones) Meyer, Tim Sadler, Gloria (Phillips) Eddie

Margie Williams & Ann (Rutledge) Potter

Larry and Kathleen (Futrell) Mickelson

Harlon and George Etta Pickett

Terry (Herring) Carley, Judy (Story) Neal, David Staner

Wendy and John Morgan, Ray Moore

Glenda and James Harrell

Charles Jackson demonstrating the symptoms of the dreaded St. Vitus Dance disease. Background Brenda (Nelson) Ezell and Jean (Humber) McGee

Susan (Montgomery) Cravey, Kathleen (Futrell) Mickelson, and Jerry Ann (Meyer) Hughes

Marilyn (Datray) Rees, Sue (Sanford) Welch, Brenda Sue (Morris) Heaton, Mary (Finch) Brown, Susan (Montgomery) Craven do the Hully Gully.

Barbara (Gerland) James shows us her sophisticated side.

Gloria (Phillips) Eddy relaxes and jokes at the Friday informal get together.

Margie Williams and Mary (Finch) Brown are not only related, but are the best of friends.

Charles Jackson and Judy (Slaughter) Thigpen go through their audition routing for Dancing with the Stars.

Ron Brown puts in a well-deserved power nap for his tremendous assistance and support of wife Mary (Finch) to put our Reunion together.

Treva (Mullins) and Delmar McCracken at the Sunday Prayer breakfast. I'm sorry, but I missed the name of the lovely lady at the table with them.

Glenn Messer takes a moment to gather his thoughts before addressing the group gathered for the Prayer Breakfast.

Dorothy (Conway) Dupree, Marilyn (Datray) Rees and Delores (Templet) Schilling

J.T. and Bonnie Ruth McGee

Susan (Montgomery) Craven, James and Glenda Harrell

Judy (Story) Neal and Terry (Herring) Carley

Charles Jackson and Susan (Montgomery) Craven go over last minute details

Judy (Slaughter) Thigpen, Delores (Templet) Schilling, Demaree Jones, Wayne Rogers, Linda (Waller) Drake, and Susan (Montgomery) Craven

James Thigpen and Paul Cravey are two more husbands who contributed greatly in supporting their wives Judy and Susan, respectively to hold the Reunion

Sarah (Weaver) Shultz, Delores (Templet) Schilling, Judy (Slaughter) Thigpen, Pam (Young) Runnels

Leta Faye and Billy M. Kavanaugh, Steve McCauley, Ann (Jones) Meyer. We are forever grateful to Steve who headed up all the previous reunions.

George Etta and Harlon Pickett

Dr. Tim Sadler and Mr. Ron Brown.

Donna (White) Gallemore, ??, Barbara (Gerland) James, Glenn Messer

Gloria (Phillips) Eddy, Mary (Finch) Brown, Judy (Slaughter) Thigpen

Judy (Slaughter) Thigpen, David Staner, Delores (Templet) Schilling, Nell (Talley) Lorenz, Ann (Jones) Meyer

Judy (Slaughter) Thigpen, Pam (Young) Runnels say "L'Chaim"--not bad for a couple of shiksas

Brenda (Nelson) Ezell

Kathleen (Futrell) Mickelson, Brenda (Nelson) Ezell, Linda (Waller) Drake, Mary (Ferguson) Loring, Ann (Jones) Meyer

Judy (Slaughter) and her husband James Thigpen maintained and produced the Directory/Biographies publication--an immense amount of work.

Delores (Templet) Schilling is adorned with several elegant pieces of her own-fashioned jewelry.

Long time acquaintance Janet (Deaton) Garrett and George Etta Pickett

Sarah (Weaver) Shultz, Sue (Sanford) Welch, Judy (Story) Neal

The 50th Reunion Committee--a dedicated bunch of hard workers who gave so much of themselves over the months leading up to the event.

Leta Faye and Billy Kavanaugh--in the flooring business almost all his life, Billy can't resist testing this one.

Jimmy Richardson and his wife Gloria Jean share some moments together.

Frankie Degola takes Jean (Humber) McGee out for a spin or two showing that he's not "all hat".

Sue (Sanford) and hubby Jay Welch on the town.

Charlotte (Woodruff) and husband Bob Bobbitt

Judy (George) and Wayne Rogers were all smiles this evening.

Charles and Priscella Rudd consult with Charles Jackson. Forground: Dan Hauser. Background: Sue (Sanford) Welch

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