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Armadillos in downtown McKinney, TX (11/03/07).

An unusual evening of ersatz Japanese dining in what Tommy first thought to be a furniture store. L to R standing, Charles Jackson, myself, John Shockey, our hostess, and Stacy Sellers. Seated are Saundra and Tommy Sellers.

Blow out the candle.

On the left, my dad, Fred, joins my uncle, Harold Quan, in celebrating their birthdays in August, 2006. It was my dad's 90th and Uncle Harold's 97th birthday. Sadly, we lost my wonderful uncle in November, 2006. He was the consumate gentleman--a man of wit, intelligence, and kindness. My beloved dad passed away shortly before his 92nd birthday in 2008. I owe so much to him.

Armadillos in Allen, TX (10/23/06)

After a Cajun dinner. Seated L to R, Saundra Sellers, daughter Stacy Sellers, and Tommy Sellers. Standing L to R, John Shockey, Charles Jackson, and me with a Texas cap I just picked up on a plane stop in Austin. It's my third Texas cap, but it's my same ol' Texas friends.

That's Jake!

Ray Heller and his sister Mary visited for a couple of days from Rhode Island. We've shut down many a places, but couldn't manage to open Jake's at the Beach.

G'day, Mate!

Wonderful friends, Neil & Robyn Anstey, from Brisbane, Australia dropped in for a quick visit with us at the San Diego Zoo during Labor Day.

Maid in the shade.

Robyn Anstey takes a brief respite from the strong sun while we watch some hilarious antics by sea lions.

Surprise!! You're 60!

My brother Kirby gets duped into delivering plants to his own Surprise Birthday party.

The Required Photo Op

Seated are my mother Daisy and co-birthday celebrant Ethel Zeager. Standing are my sister-in-law Tervina, my brother Kirby, my dad Fred, Janet, me, and Ethel's husband Jodie.

Mimi and my mom

Tervina's Aunt Mimi helped us immensely to take great care of my late mother.

Napa Wine Train

For his birthday my brother and his wife treat us to an elegant afternoon long train and dinner tour of the Napa wine country. Dining while riding on a train is one of my most favorite things to do. It satisfies some primal need--leaving me totally relaxed and drowsy.

Food, Drink, Train--yes!!

Here we are looking fresh and chipper because our day's adventure through the Napa vineyards is just beginning. I'm also on a sugar high from some outstanding treats we had prior to boarding the train.

Lunch at the Yacht Club

As part of an open door policy, Dave invites some minority ne'er do wells to join him for lunch. (May, '05) Left to right, Dick Poehling, me, Kent Huff, Dave Stevens. That's 3 time America's Cup winner, Dennis Conner, who is not in the picture.

Atop the Acropolis

Wife Janet and daughter Robyn atop the Acropolis in Athens (Feb., '04)

Wine Country

Family photo taken in Temecula as we went wine tasting (around Thanksgiving '04)


Son Stacey and a girlfriend on a visit to The Happiest Place on Earth, Disneyland (Nov., '04)

Mel's fans

Mel Gibson (the other Mel) takes a few photos with Gertrude Wong and family during the shoot of What Women Want. That's my brother-in-law Cary Wong and my nephew Brian with us.

Gertrude Wong-1

My mother-in-law, Gerturde Wong, in a still taken from the movie What Women Want.

Gertrude Wong-2

Gertrude Wong in her scene with Mel Gibson. She actually poked him in the eye with the umbrella during filming. He was kind and decided not to sue. ;-)

John Shockey

Close friend John Shockey on a visit to Mt. Tremblant north of Montreal (Oct. '04.)

Armadillos in San Antonio

Group shot of our gathering at the B&B in San Antonio prior to seeing The Producers (Mar., '04)

Red Rock Country

Janet and I on a stop during our Pink Jeep Tour of the Red Rocks of Sedona, AZ (Nov., '04)

Dinner at Goodhue's

Armadillos gather for dinner in McKinney, TX. Waitress, Mia Galeotalanza, turned out to be a recent contestant on the TV show Survivor-Vanuatu. Seated at the table are John Shockey, Saundra Sellers, Tommy Sellers, and Dr. Charles Jackson (Mar., '05)

The Best of Enemies

Ashley (grey) innocently touches Misty while they snooze

I'm too Sexy for my Fur

Never one to pose, Cindy is caught off guard for a moment

Misty Sends

Misty takes her turn on the laptop to hack out some email to relatives in Palm Beach. She's not as smart as it appears. She still has to use Spell-Check a lot.

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