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We Get Pictures

Friends frequently send pictures that deserve to be shared.  Some of these are nice snapshots.  Others are self-explanatory.  Confucius say, "Some pictures worth ten thousand words.  Others are wordless.  You be judge."  To expand any picture for viewing, simply click on the small images."


My friend Curtis Nitake and his wife Mayling on a vacation to Hawaii to relax and recharge their batteries. We lost Curtis back in January, 2013. He was a terrific fellow.


This is Curtis' daughter Mimi. This explains why Curtis never participated in "Bring Your Daughter to Work" Day.

Size Does Matter

See if you can spot a rich guy in this picture.

Women Live Longer Than Men

One can never underestimate the ingenuity some young men have. Unfortunately, they seldom have it for long.

The Loo in New Zealand

Going to the head in NZ can be an intimidating experience.

Crop this picture!

When you have a romantic wedding on the beach, you can never tell who might show up at the oddest moments.

Aggies have a lifelong inferiority complex

Texas A&M is undoubtedly a fine institution of learning. However, there are times that they just can't help but earn the ridicule everyone heaps on them.

Aggie Fireman

This A&M Graduate obviously gained his work experience from building the annual Aggie Bonfire.

Texas Aggie takes his boat (and pickup truck) out on Lake Austin.

Check out the sticker on the rear window of the pickup. Evidently the engine was flooded.

Get a room!

Don't tell these young things that interspecies romances seldom work out.


Well, at least there use to be four of us.

"Get thee to a nunnery"

Some Catholic nuns show that a pause for refreshments need not be without humor. Why do I feel so guilty about looking twice?

Acts of Patriotism

Sometimes you see an act of patriotism that simply brings a lump to your throat.

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