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I thought I'd share with you just a few of the websites that I recommend as quite useful or entertaining.  I'll add more as they come to mind as worth sharing.  (Remember, just click on the underlined titles to use the hyperlink to the websites.)

bulletGoogle News
bulletMeets my requirements for helping me to stay abreast of the happenings in the world quickly.  Provides links to tons of timely news releases about events around the globe.
bulletConsistently provides me with the lowest cost for quality rooms and cars when traveling.  You'll find offers based on the description and ratings of the offeror without first knowing the business' name until you accept the deal.  I've saved a bundle over the same room or car offered through Orbitz, Expedia, Travelocity, etc.  I cannot vouch for airfare savings since we mostly use non-revenue privileges through our daughter.
bulletTom's Hardware Guide
bulletExcellent website for Geeks and Non-Geeks alike to learn more about computers and pc components.  Review articles and guides are extremely useful.
bulletSteve's Digicam and Digital Photography Review
bulletAre to digital photography hardware what Tom's Hardware Guide is for computer hardware.  Very thorough analyses and benchmarking.
bulletA great place to go to check up on experiences other people have had with a product you may be considering.  Obviously a good place for you to return the favor by submitting your own reviews.
bulletInternet Movie Database
bulletHelps you locate information for just about any movie made.  You can search by a number of different criteria.  Be sure to look at the Popular Search techniques to learn about the ways to identify the movie in question.  Especially useful is the ability to locate movies in which specific actors/actresses appear together, since that is the way we remember many films.
bulletComedy routine--Internet Help Desk
bulletHaving once directed a Help Desk for an organization of over 5000 computer users, I can attest that this skit comes close to capturing the essence of life on a Computer Help Desk.
bullet Video Guide for Computer Security
bulletVery good video tutorial about how you can improve the security of your computer system by the use of free or very inexpensive tools that can be downloaded to your system.
bulletDead People Server
bulletEver wonder what happened to so-and-so celebrity?  Are they still living?  This macabre, but interesting, alphabetized directory keeps track of notable people--some of whom will surprise you by still being around.
bulletFlightAware Real-Time Flight Tracker
bulletAllows you to track the path of any scheduled private or commercial airline across the US skies so that you can see not only where it is currently located, but how early or late it will probably arrive.  You first need to complete a free registration. 
bulletHow to Do (Just About) Everything
bulletEncyclopedic list of easy-to-follow instructions or directions for doing all sorts of things.  Makes you an "online" Renaissance man/woman.
bulletHow Stuff Works
bulletGreat for the eternally curious.  Makes you an "online" Cliff Clavon.
bulletSnopes Rumor Website
bulletThis is one of several good websites to visit to determine whether there is any truth to some rumors forwarded to you by someone asking you to "spread the news" to everyone you can.  Helps you to dispel malicious false rumors.  Did you know that there is no such word as "gullible" in the dictionary?
bulletHow to Handle Telemarketers
bulletHere is a hilarious recording from the Tom & Bob radio show in which revenge is exacted upon a telemarketer making a "cold call."  You'd wish you could pull this off yourself. 
bulletLocating People
bulletA sometimes successful way to find someone you haven't been able to locate.  You need to be patient and understand that it retains old phone numbers and addresses as well.  It's a start.
bullet Wolfram | Alpha
bulletA very interesting tool Stephan Wolfram calls a "computational knowledge engine."  Go to the site and view the short video to get a taste of how you might possibly benefit from using the tool.  This is not a search engine like Google or Yahoo, but can become as big if it catches on.  Needs financial sponsorship to survive.
bulletPotter League Animal Care and Education Center
bulletA truly outstanding organization in Rhode Island that provides state-of-the-art care for animals in need. We recently had the pleasure of touring their new facilities in Newport, RI as the guest of my friend Ray Heller.  Look to their lead and help to support the establishment of a similar organization in your area. 

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