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Welcome to my Web site!

The purpose of this site is to provide an opportunity for any interested friends and relatives to check up on our activities and to maintain contact with us.  Please select the labeled tabs on the left or at the bottom of each page to navigate around the site.  Also, you will see underlined hyperlinks sprinkled throughout the text.  Click on them to visit websites or other pages associated with the discussion.  If you navigate away from the website, remember that you can use the back arrow on your browser to return to previous pages.

I intend to modify the contents of the website over time.  This page stays pretty much the same.  So I invite you to return periodically to see what changes are made on the other pages.  Look for the date stamp in the upper right of a page to see if that page may have been changed since you last visited. 

I sincerely hope that old colleagues, co-workers, acquaintances and classmates will visit these pages and become motivated to send me email to let me know how they're doing and what they've been up too.  Not everybody is on Facebook or Twitter.  So please drop me a note at


Favorite Links

SD Weather & Live Cam

(Visit the Favorites page for descriptions and a more extensive list.)
bulletBest News/Search Engine
bulletBest rates for hotels & cars
bulletProduct Reviews and Pricing
bulletLocate Movie Info
bulletHelp Desk Comedy Skit
bulletFlightAware Flight Tracker
bulletHow to Do (Just About) Everything
bulletHow Stuff Works
bulletDebunk Urban Legends
bulletStephan Wolfram's Computational Knowledge Engine

bullet Local Weather
bulletLocal Tides
bulletLive Camera shots from San Diego Area


Photo Album

Communities & Forums

Visit my Photo Gallery if you would like to see a few photos of friends and places.  I plan to be adding and changing these photos.  So revisit the Photo Gallery from time to time to see what's new.
bulletSaratoga West Condominiums
bullet Map of Solana Beach
bulletCity of Solana Beach
bulletSan Diego Visitors Guide

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